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After earning a bachelors degree in Art with an emphasis in Photography I  Moved  to NYC in 2003 and became a promising young fashion photographer.  Living so far away from my large loving family and missing out on capturing all of their moments together as I had since I  first got my  hands on my mom’s Polaroid as a 7–year old I decided to head back to Florida.

When I returned to  Florida later that year to launch Katie Beyer Photography, I found that everything I had learned as a professional photographer had complemented my natural knack for connecting with people and capturing family moments. Shooting photos of families and family events immediately felt like home.

Now I am  lucky enough to have  a family of my own with three beautiful children who are a constant reminder to me that life is precious. And that every photo should feel like a little slice of a moment printed on paper that can bring you back every time you pick it up, whether its days or decades from now. A kiss, a smile, a wink, a laugh, seeing your husband for the first time as you walk down the aisle, your grandparents dancing at the reception –– My photos capture those vibrant, bigger than life feelings that we live for and hold so dear.

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